I have collected and put together some of the reflections I have shared in my instagram account over the past year.

These are my personal reflections, initially wrote them just for me to remind myself of God’s goodness, greatness and sovereignty over my life but decided to share them in hopes that other people will be encouraged and inspired and more than anything that God will be blessed and glorified

I pray that God will turn our hearts into good soil, ready to receive His Words and for it to grow and bear fruit.

You can find the list of past reflections under the category of ‘devotion’, ‘reflections’.

You will also find travel photos and tips, mommy moments, husband and wife advice, love stories, funny stories, product and places reviews, make up, fashion and beauty tips, inspirations – anything goes really- yes even recipes ‘maybe’ (even though I don’t really cook) – as long as with everything that I will share, my main goal is to glorify my Father God in Heaven.

For apart from Him, I am nothing.


Once Worthless. Now Precious

8 thoughts on “Mabuhay!

  1. melannie sarmiento says:

    Your my idol before and until now because your so beautiful and also your heart i miss you to see againe the drama actress of t.v telebabad or cinemas your my idol..GOD BLESS!!

    Liked by 1 person

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