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My son Noah loves dinosaurs! It all started when he watched parts of Jurassic World- and since then, he’s been nuts about them. Always asking their names, looking for pictures and videos of them on youtube. One day we bought him a dinosaur dictionary (huge mistake) because he doesn’t stop asking us to read it, from Alamosaurus to Zhongyuansaurus over and over again.

And so when we asked him some months ago what he wants for his birthday- (you guessed it!)

“A dinosaur party in my school mommy”

As moms, for some reason, however stressful, exhausting and time consuming – and no matter how busy we are- we love preparing for our kids birthday whether it’s just a small or big celebration. 

So I thought I’d share with you how I put together my son’s 4th birthday party.

As a working mom, it’s important to think things through long before the party (months if possible, especially if you’re throwing a big one) I had a month to prepare and think things through. First things first. Sit down, get a pad, a pen and write:

My Birthday Party Planning List

  • A theme -you need a theme, your child will be the deciding factor in this, unless they don’t mind whatever. But believe me, most of the time, they do and they have their own ideas, sometimes a lot of ideas. (Noah as I’ve mentioned, said he wanted a Dinosaur Party. But there were times he changed his mind to paw patrol, cars, trains- only to go back to the dinos)
  • Guests– How many people are you inviting? This will determine what you need in the next list.
  • Venue– where will the party be, how big? -will it accomodate your no. of guests? How much will it cost to rent? The house is always a good idea as well if you don’t mind cleaning up after. Noah goes to a village pre-school so it’s free! Woohooo! It is just a small school so another hooray! Also you need to have a date in mind (if not celebrating on the actual birthday) Noah’s birthday fell on a thursday which meant he can only have a “birthday snack party” (school rules)- 3 hoorays!
  • Food– Now that you know how many guests you’ll be expecting. You can contact your favorite caterer, give the no. of pax and choose your menu. In our case, since it was in school, we had to prepare meals for the kids, teachers, staff including the yayas and caretakers. Passion Cooks has always been the one preparing our menu since me and Marco got married 5 years ago. They are the best! For kids 7 years old and below, we chose to serve: Spaghetti, Burger, Nachos and a Marshmallow & Gummy Bear Stick. Drinks: Orange Juice (avoid serving soft drinks to kids)

the children enjoying the yummy meals by Chef Laura of Passion Cooks

  • Cake– You have to have a cake ofcourse! We got a ‘Pull-Apart Cake’ (A dinosaur one ofcourse) by Erika Fortunado of Bohemia Cakes. A ‘Pull-Apart Cake’ is as it says- pull apart, no need for a cake knife which is very handy for preschoolers where they can just pull their own slice of cake.
  • By the way don’t forget the candles!

‘pull-apart cake’ by Erika Fortunado of Bohemia Cakes

The following list are not really necessary, but it would be fun to include them.

  • Entertainment– if you’re having a party for kids, you better have entertainment. You can choose to book Magicians, Face Painters, Bubble Maker, etc. If short on budget, you or your husband can entertain them through story telling or if you can do magic tricks.
  • Games– What’s a kids party without games? There are many games which are easy to prepare for kids: Bring Me, Stop Dance, Longest happy birthdayyyyyy…let me know in the comments if you have other creative game ideas.

    Prepare prizes!

  • Decorations– depends on your theme. Kids really won’t care about the set-up but the parents will love them! Plus it’s fun to set up the party place. Maja Martinez  of Passion Cooks or Rowell Octavio of 11th Events
  • Give aways– including loot bags even though unnecessary, is always expected by the kids. For Noah’s party we bought Arlo of the Good Dinosaur and I printed tags to put on them and a loot bag that contains sweets-candies, lollies, chocolates and marshmallows. Chocolate Truffles by The Taste of Sky for the teachers.

Arlo and a loot bag of sweets!

did the layoit, printed, cut and tagged the Arlos myself.

Arlo Give Aways for the kids. thanks Ninong Friend Rowell of 11th Management

chocolate truffles by Rj & Baby, Taste of Sky. For the teachers & Staff.

And done! Noah had a wonderful birthday party in school and he said he was so happy! 

If throwing a party will take too much of your time and take away precious bonding moments with your little one then just let it go. At the end of the day, whether you have a small or big party, a simple dinner at home or outside, or simply playing in the park- 

what’s really important is that your child is happy! 

But if you’re still up for a party, you can always hire reliable planners and organizers who’ll take care of everything for you.

11th Management formerly Supernatural Management planned and organized our July 8 Wedding. Call Rowell Octavio 09178587935
Kisses & Smiles specializes in kids party and weddings. Call Jamie Castillo 

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