‘Skin’ vesting

I’m 34 years old. I have always been conscious of taking care of my skin. I drink lots of water and make sure I take my make up off as soon as I can after work. But time still catches up, and there are unavoidable factors that contribute to wrinkles and lines and as a working mom, sleep is never enough which does not help at all in avoiding skin aging.

Thankfully a few weeks ago, I received the L’oreal Revitalift Laser x3 Day & Night Cream,  followed by the Anti Aging Power Water, Renewing Serum and the Anti Wrinkle, Anti Spot Total Care with SPF 27.

What’s the result after using them? I’ll let you see for yourself based on my photo below.

I don’t like boasting or praising myself but I have to say that I love how my skin feels and look after the first use. My skin looks smoother, pores are less visible and because of that I feel much younger than 34!

Anti Aging Power Water– immediately skin feels hydrated and pores are visibly reduced.

Renewing Anti Aging Serum– skin texture is immediately refined, skin feels plumper.

Anti Wrinkle Anti Spot Total Care SPF 27– helps if you’re out in the sun a lot, skin becomes more defined.

Skin Anti Aging Day and Night Cream– Skin is moisturized and becomes firmer

As Filipinas, we think we are blessed that we look younger than our age, but we need to still invest in a good skin care system and take care of ourselves not just for ourselves, but for our family and others too. When we look and feel good, we are more empowered to do what we need to do and inspire others along the way.

We might not be able to avoid aging, but we can delay it and age gracefully.

Skin-vest now!

What Filipinas need to know about skin health and anti-aging

• On Starting Your Anti-Aging Regimen. As early as 20s, natural aging already begins. Once women hit their 30’s, skin health processes slow down and the need to upgrade to anti-aging regimen becomes imperative.

• On Wearing Sun Protection. Sunscreen is one of most important anti-aging essentials. If you’re currently not wearing anti-aging product packed with SPF every day, now is the best time to start. The sun causes 90% of wrinkles with intense and frequent sun exposure lessening the ability of the skin to heal on its own. Preventing this by wearing sunscreen is easier than smoothing lines and other signs of aging later on.

• On Application. Address the neck, chest and backs of the hands as you would your face. These areas can give away your true age! Choose your cleansers carefully. Don’t use bar soap for facial cleansing, it causes skin to get very dry.

• On Upgrading Your Anti-Aging Regimen. Skin around the eyes is the most sensitive part of the face, it’s time to get serious about taking care of your eye area to prevent future crow’s feet.

• On Healthy Living. Reconsidering lifestyle choices such us giving up smoking cigarettes, limiting alcohol intake, and curbing how much processed sugar you intake.

More tips to avoid skin aging.

1. Try to eat organic. Food that has been sprayed with pesticide can disrupt the regular flow of your hormones, which may cause your skin to break out and form blemishes. Once you’ve tried organic food for several months, you’ll notice healthier nails, skin, and hair, as well as less chances of getting sick.

2. Any form of stress. Lessen stress whether that’s physical, mental, or emotional stress. Both chronic and heavy stress can trigger systemic inflammation that may not only affect your skin (more breakouts, yikes!), but can also cause physical illness. To help you relax, meditate: do breathing exercises or yoga, or take a hot bath.
3. Develop a morning and night topical skin care regimen. “Skinvesting” time and effort will definitely prevent formation of pigmentation or discoloration and static wrinkles on your skin. Twenty years from now, you’ll thank yourself, so start now!
4. Be mindful of the food you eat. If you are acne prone, frequently eating high glycemic index foods (like white bread, pasta, fried food, refined sugars) will increase your blood sugar levels and might trigger an acne flare.
5. Make oily fish or fish oil supplements a part of your diet They’re great for anti-aging! They help the brain function well and prevent skin dryness. Cut your sugar intake to lessen the process of glycation—a process that contributes to the aging of the skin.
6. Sun protection everyday. The daily use of skin care containing suscreens (UVA filters) is primordial to fight against UVA-induced aging.

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