A New Year, An Anniversary

People around the world will be celebrating on January 1 to welcome 2018, but for me and @marcoalcaraz it’s more than a New Year, we will be celebrating our 7th Wedding Anniversary! (Our first wedding)

This photo was taken almost 7 years ago right here in the beautiful Bristish Columbia… and all I can think of right now is (how I want to fix that collar on my faux fur coat 😂) no really- other than that, how truly amazing God is- to have allowed me to share this life with this amazing man who has this amazing patience no one can top, who is at the moment in the grocery store buying me food after I was so “sungit” at him (how do you say this in english?) but yes Thank You Father God for Marco! I can’t imagine anyone else putting up with me and my moodiness! I can’t imagine being with anyone else at all! (Yung inaaway mo na nga, bibilhan ka pa ng pagkain) 😍 So, although we have 3 more days to go til it’s the new year and our wedding anniversary, I thought I’ll go ahead and post this one (pambawi for being masungit to him) and so that he remembers to buy me an anniversary present 🙊 #pwedenarincash But really, i love you jiamps! Thank you for loving me like Jesus loves us, His church, that even though we always fail Him, He never turns His back on us and still blesses us.

P.S. @marcoalcaraz Love you, bilisan mo gutom na ko.

P.S to others- forgive us if we keep on posting loveydovey photos especially during this time, we just like to reminisce and remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness in our married life. #GloryToGodAlways

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2 Replies to “A New Year, An Anniversary”

  1. AC says:

    Haha.. I remember someone. Despite of sungit, ang best part after nun is the lambingan moments. 😁😁

  2. mamahlou says:

    Good day Ms. Lara,
    As I have read ur blog, it makes me feel so guilty for not really reading the bible. With so busy with chores, now I know why i easily get tired and easily get mad its because i disconnected with God,
    Prayer is indeed our weapon to our everyday battle thanks for reminding. I adore you for being so dedicated to God. I am so glad for baby no. 2. God bless your family..

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