Month: January 2017

The Crown

(originally posted in -dec 22, 2015) Speaking of Bawian ng Crowns, in more important news (what could be more important than the Philippines winning Miss Universe?) Believe me, this is definitely more important, it is a matter of everlasting life and everlasting death. Let me share with all of

God Always Win

Have you ever felt all sunshine? Like you are just so happy and free because you are walking with God and you just feel so loved and amazed and then you wake up and suddenly you think of past sins, past mistakes. And then you just feel all ugly and

30 Days vs. Eternity

A couple of months ago, i saw a post about a 30 day free trial App where you can watch free movies and tv series as much as you want. And since we just had a new internet provider and installed a faster connection i gave in to the free

The Love Affair

(Originally posted in instagram and moved from pages to blog) After watching The Love Affair last night, i realized that I too have a love affair. This is a confession. Most of the time I wake up in the middle of the night and speak to my Lover. I go

May the God of the Universe bless the Miss Universe.

We had an amazing time last night at Okada Hotel as we celebrated the reign of our Miss Universe- Pia Wurtzbach and to give tribute too to Ms Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1969 and Ms Margie Moran, Miss Universe 1973. It was also a delight to be with past Miss

The day the Lord has made.

Jan 3, 2017 I woke up to messages of greetings on my phone and was super excited! I knew it was going to be a great day! Marco had to go to work but promised a birthday dinner. So it was just me and Noah until dada comes home. I

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