Yes, you spoke up, but did you bow down to pray?

Too much noise.

Everyone wants to be heard.

Many listen but only a few truly hears.

Those who speak are told to shut up and those who keep quiet are told to speak up.

We are all fighting battles and we all fight differently.

Many fight with words, others battle silently.

Some fight with heads bowed and eyes closed.

Yes by all means, speak against injustice and unrighteousness.

But speak to build others up and not tear down.

Be slow to speak and slow to become angry.

Let us wage war not on each other but over issues of the heart that only God can change.

Speak to the One who is truly in control

Bow to the One who created us all.

Be silent, listen and hear Him speak.

In the end only God’s Word will matter.

Only God’s Word will last.

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