A coffee story

Let me tell you a story before I forget about it…

This morning, I switched on the kettle and while I waited, I picked up toys, shoes, cleaned up a little and as I went back to the kitchen, I saw the kettle and remembered I was supposed to make myself a cup of coffee, I reheated the water  and prepared the cup and the coffee drip… and then Moses cried. I fed him, changed him and put him back to sleep. Then I started collecting Tobias’ used bottles and brought them to the sink to wash them… I saw my cup and the kettle. I had forgotten again! So I switched the kettle on again and this time I waited for the water to boil, poured it in my cup and sat down to enjoy it. Just as I was about to take a sip, Tobias called for me. So I set my coffee aside and attended to Tobias, washed him and changed him. As Noah and Tobias played together, I tried to think of what it was that I needed to do- and I thought of about a thousand things that needed to be done and I also remembered my cup of coffee that is now lukewarm and can’t drink anymore (I like my coffee hot) anyway, the point of my story is… I can’t even remember… I just thought, I don’t ever want to forget that I forgot to drink my coffee several times today and just to remind myself that I love my kids but it’s also okay to want a few moments for myself.

Good night mamas, tomorrow is another day, another chance to drink our coffee.

Cheers and God bless us all!

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