The Love Affair

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After watching The Love Affair last night, i realized that I too have a love affair.

This is a confession.

Most of the time I wake up in the middle of the night and speak to my Lover. I go to our secret, quiet place and spend alone time with Him. Sometimes Marco would ask what I was doing or where I’ve been when he wakes up and Im not beside Him. I usually just smile and tell Him to go back to sleep. Sometimes Marco even catches me crying when my Lover and I have a deep discussion. I delight in My Lover’s presence. All day long I think of Him and how to please Him. He always forgives me when I hurt Him. I believe His every Word. He makes me a better person. Being with Him is where I am most happy. I am willing to leave everything behind if I need to…

I have fallen so in love with Him and I need Him.

This is a Love Affair worth sharing and not kept as a secret, Marco knows I have been having an affair and he doesn’t mind because he knows that when I spend time with my Lover I am in a good mood so I become less ‘masungit’ at him. And I believe Marco loves Him too. And I pray he falls even more inlove with Him.

This is my confession. Jesus is the Lover of My Soul and I will never be ashamed of Him.

#To God be the Glory.
The Love Affair stars Dawn Zulueta, Richard Gomez and Bea Alonzo.

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