30 Days vs. Eternity

A couple of months ago, i saw a post about a 30 day free trial App where you can watch free movies and tv series as much as you want. And since we just had a new internet provider and installed a faster connection i gave in to the free trial.

I had such a treat! I could watch movies when I wasn’t doing anything and there were so much interesting series I could watch. But then the ‘1 movie a day’ and the ‘1 episode during free time’ limit I gave myself, slowly turned into more episodes even when I still have to do something. Slowly (not suddenly because nothing happens suddenly) I couldn’t stop watching anymore- and without me realizing it- i was addicted! Before I slept I wondered what would happen to the characters in the next episode! I even dreamt of the scenes! And The Holy Spirit rebuked me because it was taking my time and mind away from what was really important. When I woke up I knew I had to delete the app, it was such a struggle because I was in the middle of such an interesting episode. And I really wanted to watch and finish the season! But Phil 4:13 came to mind. And I prayed and asked God to give me the strength to let go of distractions that is taking away my precious time that could have been spent learning God’s word, praying and seeking God.
The same reasons i deleted Candy Crush and Clash of Clans from my phone months ago.

I also wanted yo try the coloring books (that claims to be anti-stress) that’s such a craze now but then God alone is my stress buster, my source of peace. And as much as I want to try it too- I’ve decided firmly against it.
I would delete instagram too but it’s one way I can share God’s love story, so I just limit my time using it and pray for strength to keep away from spending too much time on it.

I also love books! I still have so much books in my kindle and Ibooks but I no longer use it. I’d rather read the Bible now! Nothing like God’s love story!
Don’t get me wrong- there’s nothing wrong with movies, series, games, apps, books, gadgets, etc. It becomes wrong when we focused so much of our time and effort in it that we lose time for God and the things that He tells us is important.
What do you need to let go of today? If it is hindering you from drawing closer to God, let it go! You may say “just a little” or “i’ll just try it”, be careful and remember Spiritual death comes one compromise at a time.

Fix your thoughts on Jesus! Make Him our source of joy, our stress reliever. Pray and Spend Time in His Word!

Matthew 26:41 “Watch and pray that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

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