Perfect Timing

Got a call that our flight was delayed, from 7pm, it was moved to 9pm, which meant that I would be able to watch @noahalcaraz ‘ football game!

The past few days, I have been my usual stressful self, always wanting things to go my way and as planned and when it doesn’t I get stressed, worried and easily irritated. But God has shown me that He truly knows what is best and He causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him! 

While I was stressing, He was fixing our schedule perfectly! I didn’t have a car last Wednesday and had to go to Makati to host the 700club, and then Marco who usually has very early morning calltimes received a late calltime which meant that he could take me to Makati before going to his taping but I had to take Uber past 1am after. But even before I finished the program, Marco texted to say he was done early and could come pick me up! (He usually finishes past 2am!) Also the next day, we got a text that the other car was ready for pick up! (Which was originally due to be ready last week of May) And today, because of the time of my flight, Marco had to take Noah to football and I had to take Uber to go to the airport, but since the flight was delayed- I not only got to see my Noah play and spend more time with my family- but it also meant that Marco was able bring me to the airport!

A lot of other things have happened that to some may be a coincidence but no one can change my mind that my God is a good Father and He is the one making and allowing things to happen!

O Thank You Father God! 

And as I sit here at the airport waiting for boarding (which is delayed some more) I am no longer stressed or worried because I know God is in control! —- just as I was typing this we heard the boarding announcent! (Which we were told earlier was going to be much much later) – I believe He just wanted me to have some time to write this first- now on the bus to the plane, and I pray you are encouraged and inspired to trust in God 100%, to Seek Him first and know that He’ll take care of the rest! He knows exactly what you need and He is in control no matter how it looks right now.

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  1. bernadette says:

    saw you last night at the airport on our way back to cebu.. magpa picture sana with you but nahihiya lang.. actually am a fan 🙂

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